Mr. Shair Wah Kwan

Shihan Renshi 7th Dan

Chief Instructor of Karate-Do Goshin Kan

Hong Kong Branch Director of International Karate-Do Goju-Kai Association


Mr. Shair Wah Kwan started training in Karate in 1968 under tutorship of Mr. Takashi Kai (oversea instructor appointed by Master Gogen Yamaguchi of Goju-Ryu). He achievement in Karate, outlined below, has been outstanding. Mr. Shair also served in various technical positions (Chief Referee, Coach, etc.) in the Hong Kong Amateur Karate-Do Association for many years. After working for many years as a full-time/part-time instructor of Karate, he is now a well-known figure in the Karate circle, with students exceeding 3,000 in Hong Kong as well as in other parts of the world.


Personal Achievement
1970 Represented Hong Kong in the First World Karate-Do Championship (Tokyo, Japan)
1974 Champion of Hong Kong Goju-Kai Association Karate-Do Championship.
1974 Represented Hong Kong in the First International Karate-Do Invitational Championship (Philippines) and obtained three trophies.
1974 Appointed by the Hong Kong Karate-Do Goju-Kai Association as full time instructor.
1976 Referee of the Second Asia Pacific Karate-Do Championship (Jakarta, Indonesia).
1978 Coach of the Hong Kong team in the 3rd Asia Pacific Karate-Do Championship ( Hong Kong obtained a 3rd place in the team kumite).
1981 6th place in the Kata competition of the All Japan Goju-Kai Karate-Do Championship.
1987 Founded the Karate-Do Goshin Kan.
1992 Coach of Hong Kong team in the Karate-Do Invitational Championship hed in Bangkok, Thailand. (The Hong Kong team won one Gold medal, two Silver medals and two Bronze medals on that occasion)
1993 Team leader of Karate-Do Goshin Kan in the International Karate-Do Championship organized by the International Karate-Do Goju-Kai Association in Chiba, Japan and served as Referee.
1994 Appointed by Hanshi Goshi Yamaguchi of International Karate-Do Goju-Kai Association as Director of Hong Kong Branch.
1999 ~ 2006 Vice-chairman, General Committee and Referee Council Chairman of HKAKA.

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